School Holiday Programs

Creative reuse workshops for kids outside of the classroom.

Make the most of school holidays and allow your children to have fun! So let their imagination run wild and watch as they are absorbed in building, decorating and exploring a new world of materials.

Our workshops enable you to deliver themed experiences that link to your program. For example, deliver a mini beast experience with our Junk Bugs workshop and link this to art and craft, reading and environmental activities within your center.

REmida creates workshop themes tailored to your needs!

Are you looking at the planets and space, then we’ll create a workshop to fit your needs! How about an alien theme, a safari theme or robot theme? Workshops can any holiday program needs, click here for custom made workshops!

Workshops can be delivered at your center or onsite at REmida.

"REmida can create any workshop theme you want to fit your holiday program needs. From moving vehicles, robots or costume making"

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Junk Bugs

Musical Fun

Funky Puppets


Play is the highest form of research
-Albert Einstein