Your Next Festival or Community Event

Connect, inspire and celebrate!

Festivals and community events bring people together and connect them.


Want to create a memorable experience at your event?

Feel passionate about sustainability and environmental issues?

Inspire your community with a hands-on fun experience!


Whether you’re celebrating a cultural event, a school fair or a street festival adding a unique interactive experience will make it both memorable and fun!

REmida provides original and inspiring experiences through workshops and installations that creatively connect people. At REmida we source unique materials and repurpose them for fun educational experiences that bring people together!

Our materials come from clean industrial off-cuts made from up-cycling and are always changing! This means that you can celebrate sustainable practises at you event while educating the community about creative reuse!

Festival Favourites!

Choose from our selection of REmida experiences, designed to complement any festival or community event. Or create your own unique REmida experience in the Custom Made section.

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Custom Made for Your Event!

REmida can custom design a creative workshop to suit your event.

Our imaginative team can tailor an installation to provide an interactive experience. We can design a workshop where people make a sustainable work of art to display in the community. Our materials provide endless possibilities for your Festival!

The REmida team are excited to plan an experience to fit your festival! We draw on a multitude of unique materials and innovate ideas to deliver a workshop that suits your event!

Can’t choose between REmida experiences? Then don’t!

We can run multiple workshops at your event so you can have your cake and eat it!!